Welcome to the new incarnation of HenryNet.com. The domain has existed for some time now with no real purpose. Below is a brief description of each major area that will exist. Click on one of them to go check it out.
Introduction : This page
Main Page : Better introduction to the site, welcome, blah blah.
Family : Probably the reason why most of you are here. Visit here to find out more about us and view us in our natural habitat.
General Store : This area is used for whatever I want to place there. It has the most content. Things like my rants and raves, humor I like, links I use and anything else that seems like it should have a place there.
Cats : We have some cats but I don't like them much.
Hobbies : I have zero talent so anything I do is passed off as a "Hobby".
  *** Editors note :  The cats (Tommy and Toby) now have their own web page.  While Mike was sleeping the cats ran down to Books and Co. and read a few Windows and Internet books.  This enabled them to work very hard night after night in designing their page.  You may go to their site by clicking on the hidden link.   They have hidden the link since their butt-head owner would quickly delete the page, embarrassed that it is better then his own site.  Find the hidden lins to go to the site.  ***
  Secret Link
This mess is the responsibility of Michael Henry. If you wish to email me please do so at webmaster@henrynet.com